Network Optimization Services

After successful design, installation and implementation of all Network Elements to form a solid Mobile Telephony Network, there would be the need to Optimize it to perform to efficiently.

At Netguard Consulting Limited (NCL) our Core expertise is in the area of Optimization of all Network Elements and ensuring all perform efficiently as separate units while connectivity within the different Nodes function optimally for a smooth delivery of mobile services.

End User satisfaction Cycle

Network Optimization Services

Radio Network Optimization
Radio Network Optimization (RNO) is the first area/domain when it comes to end-to-end Network Optimization. The Radio Network gives the initial end user experience of the Radio Network.
NCL Consultants with RNO expertise focus on identifying key indicators to monitor and diagnose problems related to End User poor Network experience. We use all RNO related tools like MRR, FOX, NOX, Mapinfo, Planning tools, Business Objects, Optima etc… to identify Network problems, proffer solutions and implement the recommendations to improve the Network quality.

Transmission Network Optimization

The Transmission Network is a main transport medium within the Mobile Network; it also links the major Nodes into one big Network for smooth connectivity and operation.

NCL has consultants with in-depth knowledge in Transmission Optimization; we use different techniques such as RSL deviations measurements from the planned values, Dip errors analysis, Transmission Network availability trends, faulty radio units etc… in identifying problems and providing recommendations for resolution.
In Transmission Optimization NCL experts use reports from OSS/Business Object and other customized tools to collect data for Network monitoring.

Core Network Optimization

The Core Network made up of group of nodes is the key aggregate of all Nodes and the major processor unit of the Mobile Network. This central processor capacity of the core Network makes it the most sensitive Node or group of Nodes in the Mobile Network setup and management.

NCL acknowledges the sensitivity of the Core Network and its importance to its clients therefore ensures at all times Senior Consultants with proven capacity and widely established expertise are deplored to perform Network audit, monitoring and optimization.

Different techniques are used by the consultants to collect data directly from Nodes such as Media Gateway (MGw), Mobile Soft Switch (MSS), MPBN/IP, HLR, SGSN to identify Network problems and troubleshoot. Some of tools used normally the Operations Support System (OSS) and the Business Object (BO). The key indicators we look out for are processor load, utilization, alarms and its categorization. Major KPIs such as Authentication, Location Updates, Paging, Call Setup Success Rate etc… are measured and compared with standard thresholds.

Common Core Network Connecting multiple Nodes in the Mobile Networks
Some of the Core Network Optimization activities include;
•    Exchange Properties
•    SAE optimisation
•    EoS analysis
•    Exchange Analysis checks (Echo cancellers, Announcements)
•    TRD analysis
•    Switch Synch & GS disturbance
•    Telecommunications Service Analysis (Call setup times, SMS & Handover performance)
•    Charging audit function