Network Performance Management

NCL takes an end-to-end view of the network to ensure maximum fulfillment of Network Performance Management
Below major areas of focus;

  • Network Availability (all Nodes)
  • Radio Network KPI monitoring

- Accessibility
- Retainability
- Mobility

  • Transmission Network Monitoring

- Availability
- DIP Error

  • Core Network Monitoring

- Load monitoring (e.g. CP load)
- Utilization
- Congestion
- Functionality

Below some major KPIs measured as part of input towards full Performance management

  • Network Main KPI’s (2G)

- Accessibility:
- SDCCH Blocking
- TCH Blocking
- SDCCH Drop
- Retainability:
- TCH Drop Rate
- Mobility:
- Actions Taken for Improvement
- Handover Success Rat
- Traffic trends & Utilization

Dashboard showing the Network Performance at a glance

Sample Call Drop Rate (TCH Drop) – Speech. Trend shows reduction in drop call rate resulting in better customer satisfaction and increase revenue

  • Network Main KPI’s (3G)

Accessibility :
• RRC Setup Success Rate
• Rab Establish Success Rate “ CS , PS”
• Call Drop Rate “CS , PS”
Mobility :
• Soft handover Success Rate
Integrity :
• User Throughput
Traffic Trend
• Data Volume
• Voice Traffic

Network Level Handover Success Rate Trend
Sample Call Setup Success Rate – Speech & Data. Trend shows improvement in Call Setup Success Rate resulting in better customer satisfaction and increase revenue
Sample Data Volume – trend shows increase in data volume as a result of Optimization